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How many grams of shrooms does one kit grow?

Dive into how many shrooms you could be growing today!

Last Updated: Mon Jul 08 2024

Here you are. You’ve finally decided you'd like to try your hand at growing mushrooms. You’ve watched some videos, consulted some friends, and maybe even tried your hand growing once or twice without great results. Is it worth it? Depends on how many mushrooms you get out of it. Right?

There are truly so many factors which affect the ability to answer this question. In general though, we do have a pretty good idea. As long as you follow the process correctly. Generally speaking, your spawn rate, genetics, and environment are the biggest factors that will affect yield.

At some point just adding more spawn does not equal more mushrooms. Adding too little spawn, will allow for other organisms to outcompete your mycelium, dramatically affecting yields. You want to have the perfect middle ground.

Next, and arguably the second most important, is your genetics. What strain are you growing? Who did the lab work? Is it from a trusted company? Or is it your first time giving it a go? The reason good genetics are so important, is they will have built up immunity over time to be more adaptive to contaminants. They have also likely been selected for size, potency, grow duration, etc. This means by the time it’s in your hands, it just needs a box to grow! Like most industries, genetics being its own part of the process, it is now branching off and being specialized. This means you can leave the guesswork to the professionals. No need to own flow hoods, wear corny lab coats, or mess with tedious lab work. While we do encourage learning, we also recommend beginners leave the lab work to the professionals. This will help you in the long run focus on one thing at a time. While it’s not the single most important thing, genetics is a MAJOR KEY to your grow operation.

Environment. Environment. Environment. This can’t be stated enough. The most key part to every mushroom's success is its environment. Fortunately for everybody, people's temperature at home is damn near the perfect temperature for them. Also relevant, is your humidity situation, and don’t forget about fresh air exchange. Now, each of these variables can have their own books written on them, but, we will just graze the surface. On average a temperature of 72 degrees is a great middle ground for most strains. There will be some who like it cold, and others warm, but this is for the growers eye to learn. Only time and experience can dial it in “perfectly”. As you grow on your journey in mushrooms, you will likely create more “engineered” environments, to dial in the best fruits a grower can make.

Fortunately for humidity, there isn’t much to be done. As long as there are visible water droplets on the top surface of your mycelium, there’s plenty of moisture. Due to most of the process being done in a sealed bag, humidity is taken care of just by proxy of the system we provide. Generally speaking though, mushrooms like to be in an environment that is 90% relative humidity and up. As we say, more water, more mushrooms.

The last piece to the puzzle is fresh air exchange. Mushrooms, like us, need oxygen to breathe. However, this can be complicated with the fact most psilocybin strains have been bred for high co2 environments. Depending on strain, you may not even have to introduce fresh air to your grow, and you will notice full, boisterous yields. Some strains, notably Penis Envy, like to take on fresh air starting around day 10-14. This will trigger them to fruit, and they like to be given a fresh air exchange every few days. In general, if you’re not sure, a little fresh air won't hurt. However, too much fresh air will start to affect your humidity. So you must always be aware of the effect one variable will have on the other. Remember it’s a system, so anything you add or take away, will affect other parts of your equation.

Luckily with the Fungi Fanatics BoomBox all these problems have been answered. With a perfect ratio of grain to substrate, and access to world class genetics, our kit is designed to streamline the guesswork. The highest yield we have ever seen on one of our 2.0 kits is 3.5 ounces. On average, our kits tend to yield at least 1 ounce of dry fruit bodies. This is usually just off of the first flush too. Once you harvest, you can actually increase your yield simply by not throwing it away. This process is called “second flush”. You may add subsequent “flushes” after the second one too, and just keep growing until it stops producing mushrooms!

We built the industry's best Mushroom Grow Kit

We designed the BoomBox 2.0 to encompass all of the lessons learned over a decade of first hand commercial mushroom growing to deliver world class efficiency, yields, and minimal contamination rates to the home grower.