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All in One Mushroom Grow Bag Contamination

In this post we compare the contamination rates of popular consumer mushroom grow bags.

Last Updated: Mon May 20 2024

When it comes to growing mushrooms in grain, freshness is the game. Nothing's worse than purchasing, waiting, and then having a mushy, stinky bag to remind you of your failure or worse carrying the contamination to other parts of your house / grow setup. Fungi Fanatics' trademarked Grain Redemption Process sets us apart from EVERY other kit in the country – when you order a BoomBox 2.0 or Trifecta mushroom grow kit, we autoclave your grain fresh just before shipping our kit out to you.

This differs from other companies offering all-in-one mushroom grow bags like SHRUM and where their kit mixes both the grain spawn and the grow medium into a single bag, they are then batch sterilized and left to sit in a warehouse for (in our observations) anywhere from 2-6 weeks. In addition to having freshly autoclaved grain, our kits separate out the grain spawn (where you inoculate and do an initial colonization) and the grow medium (where you grow your finished fully fruited bodies); see our BoomBox 2.0 mushroom grow kit in action.

In our tests we've seen 30-100% higher yields on first flush using our fresh grain spawn as compared with the other guys' all-in-one mushroom grow bags.

All-in-one mushroom grow bags are NOT how the pros grow and neither should you. Check out our latest mushroom grow kit the BoomBox 2.0

The problem with all in one mushroom grow kits, is the process is inherently flawed. You'll be left having to order all new all-in-one grow bags, hoping to get lucky with a minimally contaminated product.

Inoculating grain, separate from substrate, is FASTER, and allows you to make your substrate FRESH, when the grain is ready. By the time your all in one is ready to "shake" your substrate has been rotting away for 2-3 weeks, not counting how long it sat at the warehouse.

We built a better Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

We designed the BoomBox 2.0 to encompass all of the lessons learned over a decade of first hand commercial mushroom growing to deliver world class efficiency, yields, and minimal contamination rates to the home grower.