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6x BoomBox 2.0's (Bulk)



Built for the bulk grower we offer 15% off when you order 6 of our class leading BoomBox 2.0's – get the highest yield and chance of success for your bulk mushroom grow.
  • Grain Spawn Guarantee
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BoomBox vs the other guy's All in One Grow Kits

  • We designed the perfect system for growing magic mushrooms at home...
  • American Grown; High quality grain spawn straight from Eastern Colorado & autoclave sterilized by the Fanatics in Denver. Every kit supports local farmers.
  • Colonization Guarantee; if you have any issues innoculating your grain spawn or if your kit doesnt colonize we'll send you a fresh kit free of charge.
  • Dehydrated Substrate; Fresh, dried coco coir ready for pasturization when you are. With other all in one grow bag kits your substrate sits for days collecting and growing bacteria.
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