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We are the Fungi Fanatics and this is the BoomBox!

Meet the founders behind Fungi Fanatics while they introduce the first version of our easy-to-use, grow your own mushrooms at home BoomBox.

Last Updated: Mon May 20 2024

Hi everyone! We’re the Fungi Fanatics.

We would like to introduce the world to the BoomBox! An all-in-one magic mushroom grow kit for beginners and pros alike.

We aim to solve your psychedelic mushroom problems by giving it to you straight. No added BS or confusing lingo, and at a reasonable price for people of all backgrounds. We want everyone to know: you can grow like the pros at home!

Check out this quick video introducing Jacob and Trevor - the Fungi Fanatics!

We built a better Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

We designed the BoomBox 2.0 to encompass all of the lessons learned over a decade of first hand commercial mushroom growing to deliver world class efficiency, yields, and minimal contamination rates to the home grower.