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The BoomBox

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Get the ultimate psychedelic mushroom grow kit from industry experts! Our team of professional growers has taken their years of hands on mushroom growing experience and crafted the perfect grow solution for anyone wanting to grow mushrooms, no matter their knowledge level. 

Our 2-part "Do-it-right" system is designed to maximize efficiency and have you harvesting mushrooms up to 3 weeks faster than any other "all-in-one" grow kit  on the market. Learn how to grow psychedelic mushrooms the right way! Our proprietary grow box tek doesn't require any external humidity or temperature controllers. It eliminates all side pinning and the need for rubber bands / gimmicks from inexperienced suppliers. Our Master's Mix of substrate provides the ideal moisture and all the nutrients you need to grow booming mushrooms every time. Microclimate can make or break any mushroom grow - we know. We've designed the perfect psychedelic mushroom grow kit for anyone from beginners to experienced growers.

All our grain is cooked fresh daily, coupled with a money back guarantee. Fresh cooked grain is the single most important part to any successful mushroom grow. Unlike the other guys, we know how to handle grain and only ship it fresh.

Takes up less than ½ square foot! Stick it under your bed so your mom doesn’t find out!

Easier than a box of Mac’n’Cheese  –  If you can boil 1 liter of water, you can grow an ounce of shrooms!

High Yield: Grow over 1 ounce of dried mushrooms in just 21 days!
High Efficiency: Our grow bags have the highest efficiency in the market
Colonization Guarantee: We guarantee innoculation of our 100% american grown grain spawn; just bring your own spores or liquid culture.
Kit Contents
  • Grain Spawn Guarantee
  • Free Shipping over $50
  • Pro. Grower Phone Support

BoomBox vs the other guy's All in One Grow Kits

  • We designed the perfect system for growing magic mushrooms at home...
  • American Grown; High quality grain spawn straight from Eastern Colorado & autoclave sterilized by the Fanatics in Denver. Every kit supports local farmers.
  • Colonization Guarantee; if you have any issues innoculating your grain spawn or if your kit doesnt colonize we'll send you a fresh kit free of charge.
  • Dehydrated Substrate; Fresh, dried coco coir ready for pasturization when you are. With other all in one grow bag kits your substrate sits for days collecting and growing bacteria.
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Customer Reviews

5 Based on 4 reviews
Excellent products!! Best customer service you will find anywhere!!So far everything is going fantastic!! I myself had some issues when injecting it and my syringe clogged up so I had to open the top and remove the needle and just squirt the some of the syringe in. Had a worry about contamination but that wasn’t so. Colonized pretty quick and did the same when I mixed it with the substrate. Will move to fruiting conditions in the next few days. Can’t wait!! Customer service is the best around! And that’s not an exaggeration. Super awesome dudes!!! I’ve already bought more products from them and they are doing just as great as the first one. I’ll be buying from these guys from now on!! Be blessed today and always😎
Preston M. Verified Purchase
Bought a kit (online). Arrived pretty quickly, watched the videos, and BOOM mushrooms. Hella easy to setup. 10/10 would grow again
Calvin C. Verified Purchase
Great product super easy to use! The QR code directions are a life saver and the friendliest bunch of guys you will ever meet
Austin A. Verified Purchase
Super simple kit that worked the first time! Glad I went with these guys!
Laura C. Verified Purchase