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The Trifecta

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Three rounds worth of mushrooms in one! The Trifecta contains one BoomBox and 2 grain cube reloads.

Our BoomBox grow kit cuts out the unnecessary items and information other products or forums claim to be important to a successful grow. We give it to you straight, at a reasonable price, and with a money back guarantee.

Kit Contents
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  • Grain Spawn Guarantee
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  • Pro. Grower Phone Support

BoomBox vs the other guy's All in One Grow Kits

  • We designed the perfect system for growing magic mushrooms at home...
  • American Grown; High quality grain spawn straight from Eastern Colorado & autoclave sterilized by the Fanatics in Denver. Every kit supports local farmers.
  • Colonization Guarantee; if you have any issues innoculating your grain spawn or if your kit doesnt colonize we'll send you a fresh kit free of charge.
  • Dehydrated Substrate; Fresh, dried coco coir ready for pasturization when you are. With other all in one grow bag kits your substrate sits for days collecting and growing bacteria.
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Customer Reviews

5 Based on 2 reviews
If you are looking for an amazing experience with growing mushrooms, Fungi Fanatics are the people you want to speak with. Not only are they responsive via email, they are extremely knowledgeable of the growing process, the dos and don'ts. But most importantly they guide you step by step with almost 1 on 1 help and advice. I will never go to another place for advice and instructions on how to grow these natural marvels. Don't go anywhere else, go to the Fungi Fanatics. Check out what they have helped me do :)
Jeff B. Verified Purchase
My google review of Fungi Fanatics, well let me just say They are pinned to my screen for easy reorder. The team is great! At least I imagine a team doing what it takes to tend to us Fungi Fanatics out here. I have purchased well over 6 boom boxes and will continue to order from them. I have had much success with their product like the grains, I have had a 90% success and the other 10% was me learning. They package well also when mailing grains, substrate, and tubes. I would love to see filters on there order for those who decide to fabricate the tub with a couple holes... oh sorry got off the subject. The biggest thing that has me faithful to Fungi Fanatics is, they have NEVER ignored me, they have always communicated and educated me. I will continue with them They are as good as there product and am proud to be leaving this review. Sincerely Michael Antu. I did include some pics, I could go on, and on on these folks! The whole reason I even got into this is I refuse pharmaceuticals for depression, and I have been guided to a better way for ME. Thank you Fungi Fanatics from the bottom of my heart!
Michael A. Verified Purchase