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We are the Fungi Fanatics

This is how our journey began

Getting his feet wet in 2015, Jacob started growing culinary mushrooms in Denver. Less than a year later, he moved to Wisconsin and began working directly under the owner of an agaricus bisporus farm, harvesting up to twelve thousand pounds of mushrooms each week. After two years working on and expanding that farm, Jacob departed Wisconsin to explore the Pacific Northwest and Canada. During his travels he stopped along the way to visit any commercial mushroom growing facility that would let him take a tour.

Armed with his latest experiences, Jacob found his way back to Colorado and started a mushroom farm of his own in Castle Rock. As the business became a resounding success, Jacob realized he needed more hands on deck. Looking back to where he first got his feet wet growing mushrooms, he connected with Trevor. With shared hard work, a friendship blossomed and then business bloomed.

Over four years ago, Trevor took a plunge into the commercial fungi industry in Denver. Looking to take a peek behind the curtain of his career as an aspiring chef, his exposure to the ins-and-outs of culinary mushroom production would alter his path forever.

After cultivating, managing and consulting within the mushroom industry since 2018, Trevor went back to where his fungi journey started and teamed up with Jacob. The pair met as owner and employee on a start-up commercial culinary mushroom farm and quickly found their mutual interests in business, fungi and friendship.

With an everlasting passion for the things we eat and ingest (and how to grow them) Trevor and Jacob decided it was time to get fungi to the people! The Fungi Fanatics were born and remain ready to help anyone, on any scale, grow happy mushrooms.