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How Long Do Shrooms Take To Grow?

How long do shrooms take to grow? Gain a better understanding of time to grow, and when you'll start seeing shrooms!

Last Updated: Mon May 20 2024

This can’t be answered with one simple number. However, we can talk in general and get a better idea for the biological timeline they need. For our purposes we can focus on magic mushrooms.

Generally speaking from spore to fruit, you’re looking at 5-8 weeks. Depending on a variety of factors. Inoculating a sterilized grain cube with a spore syringe will take 5 weeks. However, say you wanted to put that sterilized grain cube to use. You could take that bag, and expand it up to 5 times! This will add another 2 weeks to the process, but increase your yield 5 fold.

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If using a Fungi Fanatics BoomBox, your process will take about 5 weeks. Roughly 2 weeks for your grain to colonize, and roughly 3 weeks for your fruits to take off and form.

To further dive in, we can take a look at some of the factors that predict how long shrooms take to grow. First and foremost, temperature will be your number one driving factor. Mushrooms are picky, and don’t like people without air conditioning in the summer. And definitely don’t like people who don’t crank the heat in the winter. Just like a spoiled house cat, they prefer their temperature from 72-76. Don’t get it twisted, they will grow outside these parameters, but you may come home to an unwanted mess, or lack thereof. With perfect temperatures, next you’ll want to make sure your humidity/moisture content is on point. Mushrooms love water, and will struggle without it. Moisture content will drive rate of growth almost as much as temperature. Pair these two perfectly, and you will grow shrooms in no time. To sum it up, the warmer your environment, the quicker they will grow. Keep in mind there is a relationship between heat, and quality. You will notice mushrooms grown at lower temperatures will maintain "higher quality" compared to warmer grows. Once they're ready to harvest, you'll be ready to dry them, and then enjoy! Check out the video below to see how we recommend harvesting process.

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Now there are some other factors, but these will be the ones that affect the most important variables, and can impact grow time by days, and even weeks. One other factor is the strain, and genetics. Certain strains will hit closer to 17 days, and others closer to 28 days. Usually the size of the mushroom is the biggest indicator. Larger strains like Melmac tend closer to 24-28 days, where strains like Z or B+ will be closer to 17-21 days.

While there is no one answer on how long do shrooms take to grow, we can certainly effect the process with variables within our control. Temperature, humidity, and strain are your main driving factors in time it will take your shrooms to grow. With these in mind, you can effect your grow in ways to make it productive for your situation.

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