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Most Popular Mushroom Strains To Grow

Do you know what the most popular mushrooms strains are? Here are the most popular strains you will seen grown for a variety of different reasons.

Last Updated: Mon May 20 2024

As the popularity of mushrooms grows, so does the idea of what strains are the best to grow. There are many reasons people pick and choose what mushrooms they want to grow. Some want the most potent, some want the coolest looking, and some just want to grow whatever they can get their hands on. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular mushroom strains to grow, and what makes them so damn sought after.

If we’re talking ease, good potency, and adaptable to many environments, you have to know about B+. This strain is one of the most adaptable, easy to grow, and classic looking shrooms. This will often be a strain people grow in their first monotub or Fungi Fanatics BoomBox 2.0. This makes it a crowd favorite, and often one people go back to when they run into tougher, more pain in the ass strains.

Once you’ve gotten a few runs in, and the taste of mushroom success is palpable, most growers wonder, how can I go bigger? Well, Penis Envy will feed that hungry mouth. Boisterous, phallic, and on the “oh shit” end of Cubensis potency, Penis Envy is a show stopper. You’ll be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t gasp upon their first glance of these beauties. Once most people start growing them, they don’t stop. They’re just too damn good, and probably the most popular mushroom strain to grow.

Once you’ve seen the light of god, and traversed the universe via the magic mushroom carpet, you may find yourself seeking a mushroom full of wisdom, and serenity. Our last mushroom we will examine, is notorious for awakening, and spiritual pursuit. Golden Teacher, once thought to be a “weak” strain, has recently been touted as much, much more. With unique properties, allowing for deep introspection, less lucid, far more introspective experiments, these are for those who seek the benefits of psilocybin, without all the farce and fuss of getting fucked up.

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